Yoga of the Heart: Cardiac and cancer Certification

Would you like to be in a healing setting for others at risk for or living with heart disease or cancer and other life-altering illnesses?
Lynn Roby is now a provider for for Yoga of the Heart: Cardiac & Cancer Yoga Therapy.
Lynn recieved her certification with thr renowned expert Nichala Joy Devi.
author of: The Secret Power of Yoga.served as the director of stress mananngement for Dean Ornish’s program for reversing heart disease, and was the cofounder of the commonwealth cancer help program. Her trainning included the theory and practice of asans, prayanamaya and deep relaxation,imagery,and meditation as applied to disease and general health.
Registration for this class is now being taken and evaluations will begin immeadiately. Classes will begin in October at Sacred Lotus Yoga Studio

Number of Sessions