Lynn Roby


Lynn Roby is a E-500 RYT, hour graduate of the esteemed Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA. Lynn has had the honor of studying with many world renown yoga teachers at the Kripalu Center. Amy Weintraub, Shiva Rea, Angela Farmer, Desiree Rumbaugh and many senior yoga teachers. Lynn received her first LifeForce Yoga certification with Amy Weintraub who is the founder of LifeForce Yoga. Lynn has had many hours of training in the practice of Yoga Nidra developed by Richard Miller. Lynn alsdo recieved her certification for Yoga of the Heart studying with Nichala Joy Devi who was one of the orgional founders in the Ornish Study of Reversing heart disease.

Lynn is a Master Reiki Practitioner

Lynn is a Master Level Licensed Addiction’s Specialist certified through the American Academy of Harvard Medical school. She has thirty years of serving the population of those who suffer from the disease of Alcoholism and other Addiction. Her passion has been to advocate for women and children and was given the opportunity to testify before legislature for the provision of treatment services for this population. Always believing  in looking at each person as a whole rather then someone who is sick from addiction.

Since her Brain aneurysm rupture in 1997, left her pretty much debiliated, re enforced by many of her pyschians . Lynn began to focus on how she might begin to heal her body mentally and physically from this trauma. She began to take a private yoga class, a few months post brain surgery, with a well established yogini. Since that time Lynn’s love for yoga led her to becoming a yoga teacher, and encouraged her  to give back by teaching others about this amazing practice.

Lynn and her husband Bill are the founders and owners of the Gettysburg Holistic Health Center where Lynn teaches in her Sacred space the Sacred Lotus Yoga Studio.

“Every living being is a stream of love. Let us allow someone to taste our love, and let us taste someone else’s love.”
– Swami Kripalu

Lynn is the author of From Darkness To Light: My Journey back from a brain filled with blood available for purchase at

Classes Offered With Lynn:

  • Gentle Yoga Classes level’s 1 and 11 – Classes incorporate Pranayama, Stretching, Asana, Shavasana, (relaxation) Meditation. All classes are offered using modifications as needed for each student. The benefits of each breathing- technique and posture, as well as the cautions and the contra indicators are explained at each class.
  • Breathe & Stretch Class – This class is designed to assist in the healing of students with respiratory difficulty, Asthma, chronic COPD etc. Requested by a local Pulmonary Doctor this class is individually designed to meet the needs of each student attending the class. Pranayama is a large part of the class as well as stretches Utilizing the breath with the stretch. Many students sit in chairs for this class.
  • Yoga for Movement disorders – Movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease affect more than the body. They leave a mark on our emotion, sometimes our mental capacity, often our whole spirit. This class offers moving through the poses and flows of yoga since it helps reduce muscle rigidity and increases strength, balance and flexibility. We know Yoga affects more than the body; it balances our emotions, calms our mind and creates peace in our spirit. Most students sit in a chair for this class.
  • Lynn is a certified Yoga Practitioner for Yoga for the Heart, and upon her completion  with Nistula Devi, is encouraged to teach, Yoga to this population.

From Darkness To Light: My Journey back from a brain filled with bloodLynn also teaches Cardiac and Cancer classes for students who are in need of or desire to practice a healthy lifestyle that includes yoga pranayama, Modified Asana, Yoga Nidra meditation, guided imagery, healthy eating etc.