Jon Phebus

“The whole point of ‘Doing yoga’ is to feel better.”

Jon Phebus is RYT-200 certified as a Prana Flow (TM) instructor, but he draws from the whole family of Vinyasa style to accomodate the needs of each class.
“It is important for every class to have a chance to laugh and groan and sigh and laugh some more, all while we move and breath together. I believe that a good physical practice finds us comfortable and stable not only in every pose, also in the movement *bewtween* poses.”

We begin where we are [Desikachar], every day and every moment different than the one before and the one after. We should remember to approach every practice with an invitation of newness. We must remain receptive to what will reveal itself during the practice. Flow yoga uses the connection of breath and body movement to release the mind as the body is relaxed.

Jon’s first experience with yoga was in elementary school, when it was offered as an extracurricular activity. He attributes having kept a practice through high school, college, and even during his career as a gardener as the reason for his continued physical ability and general good health.

Yoga has a place for everyone. It is only for me to help anyone find that place.
…and have some fun on the way…

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